Grooming Services

Grooming Services

 Pet Grooming:

service includes:
• bath with  Professional groomer shampoo & blow dry
•Haircut & light dematting
•Nail trim
•Ear cleaning, hair removal & flushing (if needed)
•Scissoring feet & pad shaving
•Sanitary trim
•Anal gland cleaning

De Shedding Treatment :

When you pet your pup, do you have to sweep up and use a lint roller? Let our grooming professionals help rid your pet of their winter coat and give you a break with our FURminator deShedding service.

Our safety-certified Pet Stylists are shedding experts. They know that dogs shed year-round (though spring and fall are the heaviest shedding seasons) and that a pet’s coat acts as a natural insulator in both cold and warm weather. When your dog sheds, the fur can build up and cause mats. A dog deShedding treatment removes the dead undercoat that kept your pet warm in the winter protects their skin from the heat of the sun and allows it to breathe.

Routine deShedding treatments make your life less hairy

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